stranded below with this cluttered up head
abandoned and lonely, confused and misled
and within a war is raging

this shell of a vessel
thin-skinned and disheveled
draped over the dress rack that teeters a bit

like a thief in the night snatched up without warning
with pleading in vain, interceding for pain
stripped bare of the privilege and mercies with morning

frantic to find in this place that is fallen
the peace that surpasses the knowing
why the hands that are mighty to save were unwilling

filled to the brim with this empty nest emptiness
a void that spills over and drenches the rest
in a place that's so dark and so deep and so hollow
where loneliness settles and help cannot follow

the giving
the taking
the hoping
the breaking

and the promise
of life to the Full

what kind of life is this?

with this missing heart piece
a pain that won't cease
and a heart that can't stand the beating