This new year also means a brand new chapter for our family:


The ministry of Young Life has been woven into our stories since high school. Young Life is the place where Adam and I first met, the place we’ve made life-long friends, and the place where we gave our broken hearts over to Jesus. A decision for Christ made early on in life can drastically change the course of generations to come. Adam and I are eternally grateful to have been impacted as a couple of high school kids through Young Life, and equally grateful for the chance we have had to serve YL in our area and region for the past 15 years. I have been soaking in some the fullest, most cherished years of my life helping to lead my high school friends here.

Since college Adam and I have desired to return to a more full time position with Young Life. We have found that the need is great and the call to Scotland is clear, and we are praying that the passions and skills God has planted within us will make way for new growth He is preparing in the UK. Adam will get to continue his work in financial planning while integrating it with this new position as Country Developer for YL in Scotland. We are so excited for the chance to build community, come alongside the wonderful YL staff in Scotland, start Young Life College, encourage generosity throughout Scotland, the UK and Europe, and share the BEST news with kids abroad.

Entering this new chapter of ministry with Young Life really is a homecoming for our family, but it does not come without all kinds of emotions attached. We will DEEPLY and dearly miss this community that has loved our family well through the mountains and valleys, joys and sorrows. There is still much to put in order in the coming months as we prepare to make this giant leap as a family, but we trust fully that God has every detail, He has our family and He has our future. And so we say, “Lead on, Lord.”

Prayers appreciated as we prepare for this new year and new chapter for our family serving Young Life in Scotland.




- ISAIAH 6:8


There have been times in my life where I couldn't see outside of my current circumstances.  Some days it is the struggle to feel worthy, heard and enough.  Other battles have overlapped many chapters and seasons along the way.  Our crew of four keeps me on my toes with so many ages, stages, personalities, victories and battles in these day-to-day trenches of motherhood, homeschooling and life.  This place we are in feels like treading water with rest, calm and smoother seas just out of reach.  The tiny years are precious and priceless, utterly exhausting and unbelievably passing by in a blink.  As I settle in late each night after tucking the last of my babes into bed, I look back at my day and mull over all the places and moments I wish I would have done so much better

We have been wading through these little years for over a decade now, and sometimes it is hard to see much farther than the daily work of maintaining, growing, teaching, building up and pouring into each heart in my home.  I wonder if the hard, heavy season of parenting that we are so deep in will ever feel lighter.  Then I turn around to find my oldest growing up right before me, and I gain some perspective.  With his twelfth birthday just around the corner, he is at that little bit older, next step up stage where gears are turning, independence is taking shape, and great conversations live alongside thoughtful acts, hard work, helpful gestures and bigger picture moments.  I sit back and take him in, knowing that the person he is becoming is less of a reflection of my own capabilities as his mama, and so much more a picture of the capabilities of a good and gracious God that fills the gaps where I come up short.  These glimpses of the man God is growing this guy into serve as a reminder that our years together under one roof are now fewer than the years I have spent with him so far.  I am beginning to see that the things that seem so challenging won't always be so hard (and the easy things might not always seem so simple as my little people grow up).  So very grateful for this sweet big kid stage in the midst of all the rest, knowing full well that Year 9, Year 6 and Year 3 of his younger siblings are fleeting.  Through trials and triumphs these little years are just for a season, and these little people I've been given certainly don't keep.   

Lord, give me perspective for this season.  Clear my tired eyes to see each of my little people the way YOU see them.  Equip me with the patience, grace, wisdom and rest to sustain me in this journey of parenting.  Turn my worry into trust, my self-doubt into wisdom and my weary heart into thankfulness overflowing.


>> October 15th | Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. 


Seven is our number.  Seven of the most celebrated, sacred pieces of our story.  Adam and I have been given 7 precious, wanted, beloved new lives, and every other one was called back to our Savior.  Two miscarriages and our Maggie Girl born so still at 31 weeks.  I know so many sisters, near and far, with their own stories of loss.  Some are spoken, others remain silent.  Some have weathered years of anniversaries, for others the hurt and aching arms are new and heavy and raw.  My heart breaks for you, sister, and the loss you have endured.  And my heart HOPES with you, sister, for the steadfast promise of the sweetest reunion with our babes one day.  Much love to the Mamas that carried, the Daddies that mourned, the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods that would have been, and the Dear Ones that rallied to carry, cry alongside, acknowledge and remember.