Dear Mom

Dear Mom,
YOU WERE RIGHT.  When I would stay up so many nights as a little girl worrying about all the hard, terrifying parts of life, you told me it was going to be ok. You were right.  Hard things have come and are sure to come again, but God has us, and it IS going to be ok.  When you fought so hard and advocated for my life when I couldn't in those deep, dark days of struggling throughout my high school years, you said it would get easier and the cares of the "now" wouldn't always hold such weight in the "later."  You said if I could just hold on, the "later" is where it gets really good and it will be so worth it.  You were right then, too.  And when you'd say, "Just you wait, Marisa Kay--your turn will come" every time I rolled my eyes, spouted awful words, slammed my door and pushed all your buttons beyond the limits, you were right again.  Motherhood is infinitely harder and more exhausting than I ever expected.  When you told me that the love you have for your babies tops all things in this world, and you would stop at nothing to make sure they were safe and ok and taken care of no matter what--you were so right, mom.  Motherhood is more beautiful, fulfilling and sacred than I ever thought possible.  For your girls you scrambled and stretched thin, sacrificed and endured, slept SO little and loved SO much.  On days like today when I find myself on the frazzled end of a meltdown that preceded/necessitated this "Under the Bed No Rest Protest Turned Nap," I can hear your words: "Deep breaths, Mis. You can do this. It's going to be ok. If you just hold on, it's going to be so worth it."